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swishy doctor

saw Brave yesterday in theaters. my thoughts?
the animation was gorgeous of course. the scenery, the character's movements, Merida's HAIR, the terrifying bear fights- glorious.
the relationships between the characters was also fantastic I have to say.
I think my hopes were too high. I expected a new favorite Pixar movie but this is only general Pixar good- not amazing Wall-e but not awful Cars 2. I'll tell you why- I don't agree with how the second half of the movie was handled. everything up until the mother was turned into a bear was fantastic. but then everything turned a bit... juvenile. the cutesie, funny humor of the bear acting all lady-like was played too often for laughs.
What really grabbed my attention and what I was really interested in was learning the true identity of Mor'du. I think so much more could have been done with that story but instead- bears acting cutesie.
Way too similar to Brother Bear in my opinion.
first half was glorious, wish there had been less bear humor in the second half. disappointed but would watch the first half and the ending over and over if given the chance.


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