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saw Brave yesterday in theaters. my thoughts?
the animation was gorgeous of course. the scenery, the character's movements, Merida's HAIR, the terrifying bear fights- glorious.
the relationships between the characters was also fantastic I have to say.
I think my hopes were too high. I expected a new favorite Pixar movie but this is only general Pixar good- not amazing Wall-e but not awful Cars 2. I'll tell you why- I don't agree with how the second half of the movie was handled. everything up until the mother was turned into a bear was fantastic. but then everything turned a bit... juvenile. the cutesie, funny humor of the bear acting all lady-like was played too often for laughs.
What really grabbed my attention and what I was really interested in was learning the true identity of Mor'du. I think so much more could have been done with that story but instead- bears acting cutesie.
Way too similar to Brother Bear in my opinion.
first half was glorious, wish there had been less bear humor in the second half. disappointed but would watch the first half and the ending over and over if given the chance.
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'nother WIP

I'm almost finished with the Psyche and Eros picture- just a lot of little details left to fiddle with.
In the mean time, I started another picture of Hades and Persephone.

I doodled Persephone in my notes and just liked the pose too much not to do anything with it.
Hades looks pretty different- I'm trying different hairstyles on him and that head angle sucks.
I'm trying to take advantage of this creative bug while it lasts- it never lasts long!
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WIP surprisingly quick update

Yeah, so I'm managing to make some serious headway on my latest Psyche and Eros picture.
It's only been a day!

Yup, so I'm getting the general color and lines down now- details will come later.
Also, I may be overdoing the luminescence but I don't generally do super colorful/vibrant pictures 
like this but I always love when someone does it right. Fingers crossed.

lets try another WIP

I'm pretty excited about this piece- the faces are giving me hell, I'm not looking forward to the wings, and I want the color scheme to be essentially rainbow which will be really really tough to figure out- but those issues aside, I think this could end up being a really nice piece of art.
It's obviously (or not so obviously for those not familiar with Greek myths like I am) Psyche and Eros's happy ending.

I have a 3 hour drive back to campus tomorrow and then classes on Monday. blargh.
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I've been very busy lately finishing college and applying to grad school. Other than that, this winter has been weirdly temperate. Very warm, not a lot of snow. It's unsettling. But that's all over now because it's-
I needed this break so badly. I've slept more hours than is strictly healthy. -____-

Have some character designs- guess who they are! Anyone familiar with opera should know.
It's Pamina, The Queen of the Night, and her 3 ladies in waiting from Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute). The hair is definitely swirly, I don't really know why except I liked how it looked on the queen and the others just sort of sprouted from her design. So If you ever wondered what the costumes would look like if I were designing for a production of The Magic Flute- they would look like this. I'll finish my Tamino, Papageno and Papagina soon and show them too.
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more drawings

I'm drawing more Cupid and Psyche together and reworking my design of Persephone to something simpler, like I did with Psyche and Persephone.
fabulous! sherlock

i liiiiiive!!

okay, so LJ's recent update is seriously unlikeable and I've heard talk of a mass exodus to dreamwidth. I'll probably keep my journal here but start watching dreamwidth more and spending more time there. But not as much as tumblr. ALL MY TIME ON TUMBLR. (pleasepleaseplease SOPA don't take this away from meeeee)

anyways, new WIP to post and it's another dragon pic!

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